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Remaking eastern borders in Europe: A network exploring social, moral and material relocations of Europe's eastern peripheries.

Past COST Action IS0803 Events 2011


 WS1: Eastern Peripheries; WS2 Money; WS3 Gender and Sexuality; and, WS4: Time: Pasts & Futures
Third WS1, WS2, WS3 and WS4 meeting
Helsinki (Finland)
8-9 October 2011
February 2010; Former Bulgarian- Yugoslavian border zone. Photo: Margarita Karamihova


 WG1: Borders; and, WG2: Travel, Exchanges, Translations
Third WG1 and WG2 meetings
Skopje (FYO Macedonia)
21-22 May 2011
May 2009; Latvian Russian Border.
Photo: Lena Malm.


 WG3: Differences and Inequalities; and, WG4: Documents, Techniques and Technologies
Third WG3/WG4 meetings
Prague (Czech Republic)
5-6 May 2011
August 2007; Greek Turkish border.
Photo: Lena Malm.


Past COST Action IS0803 Events 2010


 WG1: Borders
Borders, Materiality, Signification
Second Work Group 1 meeting
Berlin (Germany) 8-9 April 2010

February 2010; Former Berlin Wall, near Bornholmer Strasse, Berlin.
Photo: Michaela Schaüble.

 WG2: Travel, Exchanges, Translations
Roots and Webs
Second Work Group 2 meeting
Sofia (Bulgaria) 14-15 May 2010

2006; Armenian Turkish Border Mountain sign. Photo: Nese Ozgen.

 WG3: Differences and Inequalities
The Welfare Gap
Second Work Group 3 meeting
Oslo (Norway) 7-8 May 2010

Dec 2009; Abandoned House, Green Line, Cyprus. Photo: Lena Malm.

 WG4:Documents, Techniques and Technologies
Morality and Legality
Second Work Group 4 meeting
Thessaloniki (Greece) 22-23 May 2010
August 2007; Greek/Turkish border control. Photo: Lena Malm

 WS1: Eastern Peripheries
On the Road
Second Workshop 1 meeting
Joensuu (Finland) 26-27 November 2010

October 2010; Israel crossing.
Photo: Lena Malm

 WS2: Money
Trusting the Neighbours
Second Workshop 2 meeting
Riga (Latvia) 5-6 November 2010

August 2007; Mytilene Markets, Greece.
Photo: Lena Malm

 WS3: Gender and Sexuality
Border Transgressions of Gender and Sexuality
Second Workshop 3 meeting
Budapest (Hungary) 5-6 November 2010

October 2010; Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv. Photo: Lena Malm

 WS4: Time: Pasts & Futures
The Path Dependence of Borders' Making and Breaking
Second Workshop 4 meeting
Herzliya (Israel) 5-6 October 2010

October 2010; Arab-Jewish Community Center, Israel. Photo: Lena Malm

Past COST Action IS0803 Events 2009


 WG1: Borders
Productive Borders
First Work Group 1 meeting
Nicosia (Cyprus) 14-15 April 2009
May 2009; Latvian Russian Border.
Photo: Lena Malm.

 WG2: Travel, Exchanges, Translations
Liquid Lands, Solid Seas
First Work Group 2 meeting
Rome (Italy) 27-28 April 2009
August 2007; Ayvalik Green Market.
Photo: Lena Malm.

 WG3: Differences and Inequalities
Borders as Histories Condensed
First Work Group 3 meeting
Ljubljana (Slovenia) 8-9 May 2009
May 2009; Petrol buyers, Latvian Russian border. Photo: Lena Malm.

 WG4: Documents, Techniques & Technologies
Passports and Passing
First Work Group 4 meeting
Manchester (UK) 15-16 May 2009
August 2007; Greek Turkish border.
Photo: Lena Malm.

 WS1: Eastern Peripheries
Multiple Easts: Peripheries as Practice
First Workshop 1 meeting
Brno (Czech Republic)
12-13 November 2009

February 2010; Former Bulgarian- Yugoslavian border zone. Photo: Margarita Karamihova

WS2: Money
Money and the Shifting Locations of Eastern Peripheries
First Workshop 2 meeting
Zagreb (Croatia)
16-17 October 2009
April 2007; Western Union advertising, Mytilene. Photo: Sarah Green.
 WS3: Gender and Sexuality
Gender and Sexuality: Border Issues
First Workshop 3 meeting
Helsinki (Finland)
4-5 December 2009
2007; Winter is coming, Armenian Turkey border
Photo: Nese Ozgen.

 WS4: Time: Pasts and Futures
Hidden Histories and Promised Lands
First Workshop 4 meeting
Belfast (Northern Ireland)
19-20 November 2009
August 2007; Old Hamman, Mytilene.
Photo: Lena Malm.

EastBordNet News



Second Second EastBordNet Conference

Relocating Borders: a comparative approach

was held at Humbodlt University, Berlin
11-13 January 2013


The conference programme is still available. Also, additional copies of the book that was launched at the conference, Borderwork, can be bought here.

Relocating Borders conference working papers are now available on our Open Working Papers series.


Thanks to everyone for a great conference. We'll be in touch!

For any queries contact relocatingborders@gmail.com.


Keynote speakers

Thomas Hylland Eriksen (Oslo); Caren Kaplan (UC Davis)

Saskia Sassen (Columbia)

and for a special session on Berlin, Daniel Libeskind, designer of the Berlin Jewish Museum and master planner for the design of the post-9/11 World Trade Center.

There will also be an ABORNE roundtable discussion Borders and Knowledge Production: a comparative perspective.


EastBordNet has moved into a period of analysing results, planning publishing and developing new research. Watch this space for updates.


Summaries of the WG1 2009 and WG1 2010 (Borders), WG2 2009 (Travel, Exchanges, Translations), WG3 2009 and WG3 2010 (Differences and Inequalities), WG4 2009 (Documents, Techniques and Technologies), WS1 2009 (Eastern Peripheries), WS2 2009 (Money), WS3 2009 and WS3 2010 (Gender and Sexuality) and WS4 2010 (Time: Pasts & Futures) meetings are now available.


The WS1 2010 (Time: Past & Futures) WG1 2009 (Borders) and Cyprus photography reports are now available.